So I dabble in electronics. I wouldn't say I'm very good, but I know my way around a soldering iron. I often frequent sites such as Hack-A-Day, and while on there, I stumbled across Ben Eater's series on making a computer on a series of breadboards.

I figured this would be a good place to log where I've gone with it and any issues that have arisen.

As of this first post, I currently have the Clock, three Registers (A, B and the Instruction Register) and the ALU done. I'm currently working on the RAM.

So far, the issues I've had are:-

  • Resisters with extremely fine wires that don't make a positive connection to the breadboard (I rectified this today with some nice 1/2 watt ones)
  • Putting wires in the wrong place (d'oh, my own stupidity here)
  • LED's backwards... yup, I'm one of THOSE hobbyists.
  • A slightly dodgy breadboard (still usable, but putting the wires in was a bit tricky)
  • And finally I think my Static RAM chips (74LS189) are dead. (They get extremely hot under use, and I've triple checked all the wires - plus they don't seem to be able to write a value into them - more testing required I think

But hey, I think this looks kinda cool so far.

BreadboardComputer (this is two registers and the ALU - still a work in progress)